What Is Farming And Why Is It Important?

What Is Farming And Why Is It Important?

Farming includes activities such as growing crops on a field of land or raising cattle in order to sell their produce. These activities are done in order to produce food and raw materials. In the earlier days, farming was not involved in commercialization and was only done by people in order to be able to feed themselves and their families. However, these days, agriculture has become a huge industry involving more than just growing crops and raising cattle.

Why is Farming so important?

Obviously, farming is one of our main sources of obtaining food products. Without farming, there will not be enough food for everyone and people will not be able to survive as they face huge starvation. The agriculture industry as a whole is very important for the proper survival of everyone. Farming not only makes sure there is no food shortage, but it also has a lot more benefits which are listed below.

  • Farming helps us obtain raw materials such as cotton, sugar, essential oils and more. These raw materials are important for many industries as well as for normal human consumption.
  • It helps generate employment on a large scale. If agriculture as an industry did not even exist, nearly half of the population of the world would have been unemployed.
  • Farming does not only create jobs for the farmers but also for other mediators who are involved in between the consumers and the farmers. For example, people involved in transport and more.
  • The Farming process allows us to utilise the natural resources which are available to us in an efficient manner.
  • The Agriculture industry is the backbone of the economy of a country.
  • Farming is also responsible for conserving our natural resources.

What are the various types of farming?

There are different types of methods used for farming which include:

  • Organic Farming
  • Traditional Methods of Farming
  • Integrated Farming

Organic farming is a method which involves reducing the use of artificial fertilizers and pesticides and using natural manure and employ modern techniques of farming like crop rotation in order to make the produce nutrient-rich and make farming a sustainable activity.

Integrated farming refers to the process of farming which involves the use of local resources and waste material for generating the produce.

Traditional methods of farming are the least preferred methods of farming as they are difficult, inefficient and generate produce of lower quantity and quality.

What are the problems that often occur in the process of farming?

Obviously, farming is not an easy process and it comes along with its own set of problems. Some of the common problems that arise in the process are listed below.

  • Soil Erosion
  • Change in the Pattern of Rainfall
  • Drought
  • Overuse of pesticides and damages to the aquatic animals.

Farming is a very important activity as it is not only a process essential for human life but it also conserves nature.