Why Is Farming The Most Invaluable Occupation?

Why Is Farming The Most Invaluable Occupation?

Farming is among the most ancient occupations of the world. It was through farming and vegetation that our ancestors finally quit their nomadic ways and began to settle down as tribes and colonies. Their days of hunting and risking their lives for their tummies ended when they discovered they could settle down around water bodies and farm their way out of hunger.

From those days to the 21st century, the importance of farming has only been reiterated by time and situations. Droughts and poor farming seasons derail entire economies and places rich with vegetation never run out of food. In the Indian Subcontinent, countries like India depend so heavily on farming that even today, farmer distress or relief is among the issues raised by political parties to woo voters.

Benefits Of Farming And The Importance Of Farmers

Farming is definitely not a profession people want to pursue, but, that does not extinguish the need of it or the dependency of economies on it. Ranging from job creation to optimizing a countries’ foreign exchange prospects, farming is one of the top deciding factors.

  • Raw Materials For Industries

Industries are redundant if there’s no raw material. This is what farming does for industries, raw material like sugar, tobacco, and cotton are produced by farmers which in turn are used to produce ready-to-use products. Hence, industries that require raw material depend almost directly on agriculture and farmers to function.

  • Job Creation And Employment

Agriculture isn’t just self-employment for farmers themselves, but, provides employment to a host of other people ranging from transporters and truck drivers. The grocery store owners too depend on agriculture, even more so, in rural areas. The prices they sell their goods on is directly affected by agricultural seasons.

  • Enhances Foreign Exchange

Asian Countries like India depend heavily on agriculture for exports. Most of what they export is produced in agricultural fields, like, Wheat. India is the second largest producer of wheat in the world and forms a high percentage of their exports. Agricultural products are vital to the foreign trade of many countries across the globe.

  • Organic And Healthy

You must have heard household products claiming to be producers of fresh from farm eatables and other commodities. It is because the world is turning back to farm produced organic products in all their needs. Be it eatables, beauty products, health products or even snacks, organic is the new way to go.

Brands make themselves famous on claims of being organic, quite a few brands have made “organic products” their MSP.

It is no doubt why farming is helpful to people ranging from farmers themselves to the CEOs of the greatest FMCG brands.

An Occupation For Ages

From a lifestyle changing factor to our ancestors to a business model today, Agriculture and Farming has transformed in dramatic ways but has thrived by the passing day. You might not believe farming to be the most important occupation to have affected human history, but, it is definitely not far from it.