Organic Natural Skin Care Halifax Market


Fresh, Pure, Genuine Skin Care

Equilibria products offer you genuinely natural skin care, handmade with fresh, pure ingredients that we can all actually pronounce.

Focused on organic / wild botanicals and simple, traditional techniques.

Healthy Skin Is All About Resilience
Resilience is that wonderful, essential ability to bounce back when confronted with adversity, whether in the form of pollution, harsh chemicals, pervasive toxins, or even unfavourable weather conditions.
It’s easy to boost your skin’s natural resilience by choosing skin care products made exclusively with truly natural ingredients, proven to counteract the damaging effects of environmental stressors; proven to nourish, protect, and restore.
But what does “truly natural” actually mean? 
For Equilibria, it means products that live up to our 3 core principles:
Whole ingredients, selected for their natural stability and long shelf life. Gently protected with truly natural ‘preservatives’ and antioxidants.
Organic, wildcrafted, raw or naturally refined. No pesticides, stabilizers, synthetics, or even-remotely-questionable chemicals. No compromises.
Rooted in herbal wisdom and traditional techniques. No cheap fillers, empty hype, or useless additives. Totally straightforward, no sneakiness.
Plus, we offer sample sizes exclusively at the market. Create your own sample kit with 4 items for $10!
Website: http://www.equilibrianaturals.ca/