Autumn Harvest

Autumn Harvest

Humble Burdock Farms is located at Steam Mill in the Annapolis Valley, where Amanda Muis is a 3rd generation farmer devoted to growing (and eating) beautiful things. She grows a wide range of interesting veggies of all colours & tastes, and her line of dehydrated snacking products includes apple chips, kale chips, and fruit leathers.

Humble Burdock’s fresh flower bouquets are highly cherished by Market customers. They feature more than 100 varieties of flowers as they come into bloom through the season. These are composed into beautiful, show-stopping arrangements. Humble Burdock also provides flowers for weddings & other events.

Autumn Harvest 2

Other seasonal offerings include garden transplants (flowers, herbs, vegetables), decorative dried flowers, and designer holiday wreaths.

Twitter- @humbleburdock

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