Little Dorset Farms of Musquodoboit Valley is a family operation which has been vending at the Historic Farmers’ Market in Brewery Square since 1988. We cultivate barley, oats, wheat, soybeans, corn, and forage on our 500-acre mixed farm, and raise beef cattle, pigs, and poultry.

All animals are born on our farm. We offer our customers complete traceability of animals & feed. We give no hormones, pharmaceuticals, or “junk food” to our animals. Our chickens begin free-ranging at 1 day old, and are given no meds, meat, or fish meal.

Our specialty is our meats, which feature great flavour & a great selection. We have pork, beef, chicken, hams, bacon, sausages, and our famous Homemade Meat Pies. As Extra Special products, we can provide BBQ or suckling pigs. Orders are accepted.

We only sell what we produce.