Elevate fresh ingredients from the Market into memorable meals with whole spices! Costas Halavrezos provides top quality spices, herb blends, dried or flaked chilis, rubs, peppers, and vanilla pods.

As well, his boxed spice kits & signed copies of “Seasoned: Recipes & Essays from The Spiceman” make great gifts.

Oaxacan Spices for Chocolate

Oaxacan Spices for Chocolate


Costas is happy to supply you with recipes for spice blends and information sheets for the kits.

You can also sign up for his weekly newsletter and/or follow him on Twitter: @CWNH.


Samples of Spices, Blends, Herbs, Peppercorns, Rubs, Dried Chilis & Kits (Come and have a sniff!)



Fresh Vailla Pods

Fresh Vanilla Pods